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Westlund's School-Based Mental Health Program is a collaborative effort between the Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority, and Westlund Guidance Clinic, exclusively designed for the Saginaw Public School District. Our shared mission is to address the vital mental health needs that have the potential to impact the positive development and achievements of SPSD students, encompassing both their academic journey and behavioral well-being.

By embedding these essential services within the school environment, students and their caregivers gain access to support that aligns seamlessly with their schedules and locations, optimizing convenience and effectiveness. Our dedicated licensed mental health therapists will offer an array of interventions, including individual therapy, family therapy, group sessions, and more, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being.

Presently, Westlund Guidance Clinic has stationed a school-based therapist across several institutions, including:

  • Arthur Eddy Elementary

  • Chester Miller Elementary

  • Herig Elementary

  • Jessie Loomis Elementary

  • Jessie Rouse Elementary

  • Kempton Elementary

  • Merrill Park Elementary

  • Stone Elementary

  • Zilwaukee K-8 Elementary Schools

  • Birch Run School District 

  • Carrollton School District 

  • Chesaning School District 

There are Multiple Ways to Obtain these Services Through Your School:

  • Collaborative Referral: With parental or guardian consent, school staff members can recommend students for enrollment in the program, fostering a proactive approach to mental health care.

  • Direct Caregiver Engagement: Parents or guardians can initiate direct contact with the designated school-based therapist, taking the lead in securing services tailored to their child's needs.

  • Student Empowerment: Students aged 14 years or older possess the agency to independently reach out to the school-based therapist, acknowledging their unique journey to well-being.


This initiative heralds a new era of comprehensive mental health support within educational settings, promising holistic growth and achievement for every SPSD student.

"I enjoy being here and having my counselor help me become a better person."
- Westlund Guidance Clinic Client
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