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The mission of the Westlund Guidance Clinic is to provide comprehensive mental health services to children, adults, and families in order to positively affect their social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning and promote their success in their community.

SVRC Industries and the Westlund Guidance Clinic

Founded in 1942 as the Norman Westlund Child Guidance Clinic, the Westlund Guidance Clinic was established to assess and treat children and families in the Saginaw area experiencing emotional difficulties, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and mental disorders. Evolving over time, it adopted the name Westlund Guidance Clinic in 2001 to encompass a broader range of services aligned with changing needs, including serving adults.

In 1999, the Westlund Guidance Clinic became an integral part of SVRC Industries, Inc., a multifaceted agency that offers a wide range of services to individuals with disabilities. SVRC, founded in 1962 by parents dedicated to creating opportunities for children with disabilities, provided a robust platform for Westlund's continued growth. This collaboration brought together shared values of community support and empowerment.

As part of SVRC Industries, Westlund Guidance Clinic contributes to a diverse array of services, aligning with SVRC's commitment to improving lives within the community. While SVRC Industries extends its reach into education, vocational training, and employment services, Westlund's focus on mental health complements this comprehensive approach. This alliance underscored the commitment of both entities to holistic well-being.

The partnership further exemplified the community-oriented vision of SVRC Industries as Westlund Guidance Clinic and SVRC Industries work hand in hand to improve lives in the Saginaw area. The history of the Westlund Guidance Clinic, now an integral part of SVRC Industries, remains a testament to the enduring dedication to supporting individuals and families in overcoming challenges related to mental health and disabilities.

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