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We are dedicated to providing strong support for children and their families as they deal with emotional and behavioral challenges. Children's case management is designed to meet the specific needs of each child and family, aiming to help them heal and grow in a complete way.


Our team of case managers understands the many different aspects of challenges that families face related to emotions and behavior. By working together, we give both children and families the tools they need to overcome obstacles and build a foundation for a better future.

At Westlund, we know that a child's well-being is connected to many parts of their life, especially their education. This is why we work with local schools to create a good environment for both feelings and learning. This helps children do well both at home and at school.

We also know that community programs and services can help a child grow in many ways. At Westlund, we guide families to find and use these resources, which can really help a child's growth and strength.

To put it simply, the Westlund Guidance Clinic offers the Children's Case Management service to give hope to families facing emotional and behavioral challenges. We have a personal way of helping, and we are good at connecting with schools and the community. Our goal is to give children confidence, strength, and a sense of potential, and to give families the things they need to make positive and lasting changes.

"Should have more clinics like Westlund; nice and understanding staff."
- Westlund Guidance Clinic Client
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