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Westlund Guidance Clinic in Saginaw, Michigan, provides counseling to youth, adults, and seniors to overcome a variety of challenges caused by family problems, divorce, trauma, mental illness, and more.

Consumer satisfaction is the most important thing to us. Following are the results of our most recent Consumer Satisfaction Survey. We take great pride in sharing these results with you.


Of the 100 Consumers Surveyed:

  • 100% said the therapist understood their concerns and goal treatment

  • 95% felt the therapist clearly explained the plan to improve the problem

  • 94% participated in writing their goals and planning their treatment

  • 100% said the staff at Westlund was courteous and responsive

  • 99% said they received prompt service when they contacted the clinic

  • 100% felt that their insurance, Medicaid and other information was explained clearly

  • 81% said their problems improved as a result of therapy at Westlund

  • 100% would return to Westlund for services in the future

  • 100% would recommend Westlund services to others

Consumer Comments

"I like it the way it is."

"Very enjoyable experience."

"My daughter asks to see her therapist when upset."

"Services are good, staff is always cheerful and very helpful."

"Should have more clinics like Westlund; nice and understanding staff."

"Never had any problems; all the staff are great; I have recommended Westlund to others."

"I enjoy that we are able to have therapy here."

"Improvement has not happened only as a result of my daughter no wanting to work at it.  It was in no way due to anything the clinic did or did not do."

"I would tell everyone to use your services.  They are the best I have found."

"Keep up the good work."

"I enjoy being here and having my counselor help me become a better person."

"He has improved with all of his problems."

"You are all excellent."

"The services here have been very positive.  I do not have any problems.  They are good people; I like what they do for my son."

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