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The Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority in collaboration with Westlund Guidance Clinic, and Saginaw Psychological Services are pleased to present the new School-Based Mental Health Program within the Saginaw Public School District.

The purpose of this collaboration is to address the mental health needs that could be interfering with the positive growth and success of SPSD students, both behaviorally and academically. By providing services within the school, students and their parents/guardians can participate at a convenient time and location in order to best meet their needs. Services will be provided by a licensed mental health therapist and might include individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and more. Westlund Guidance Clinic currently has a school-based therapist placed at Jessie Loomis, Jessie Rouse, Kempton, Merrill Park, Zilwaukee K-8 Elementary school’s, Birch Run, Chesaning, Carrollton and Bridgeport Adkins Elementary.

There are Multiple Ways to Obtain these Services Through Your School:

  • School staff may refer the student to the program with parent/guardian permission

  • Parents/Guardians may contact the assigned school-based therapist directly to request services

  • Students, 14 years or older, may seek out the school-based therapist themselves

For More Information, Please View Our Brochure below

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